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Daylilies are often referred to as the perfect perennial.
They are long lived, low maintenance, easy care, frost hardy, drought tolerant plants that are rarely affected by pests or disease.
The Botanical name is "Hemerocallis" which means
Beauty For A Day.
Each bloom lasts only one day, but each scape will carry many buds.
An established clump will have many scapes, thus ensuring a continuous display for many weeks.
With a combination planting of Early, Mid, Late & Re-blooming cultivars, the overall display lasts for many months.
Daylily types are Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen or Winter Dormant.
The colour range is almost unlimited.
Daylilies flower best if planted in an area with 5 or more hours of sunlight a day.
An annual application of organic fertilizer in August-September will give great results.
If planting a border of daylilies, 80cm is a good spacing distance between each plant.
When you receive your new daylilies, they will be bare-rooted with the fans cut back to help reduce moisture loss. New growth will start to appear within days of planting.
When planting, dig a hole & mound some dirt into the centre to spread the roots over.
Soak your new plants in a weak solution of liquid seaweed for an hour or so before planting.