Agapanthus come in a range of Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen and Herbaceous varieties. They range in size from miniature to very large growing types.
Agapanthus are frost hardy, drought tolerant perennials that are long lived and reliable.
With a selection of different varieties of Agapanthus, the flowering season can continue for over 6 months.
Agapanthus make great companion plants for Daylilies, Cannas & Kniphofias.
When your Aggies have finished flowering remember to dead-head as soon as possible to stop any unwanted escapees.


Kniphofias are perennials that require very little care.
These frost hardy, drought tolerant plants can be either
deciduous or evergreen.
Flowers come in a range of colour from
Reds, Pinks, Creams, Greens, Yellows and Oranges
on tall upright stems in either
Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn
depending on the species.