WOOD-EDEN is a hobby Daylily garden.
With the selection of this combination of plants & other companion plants & bulbs we are rewarded with spectacular displays of colour from early Spring to Autumn's end.
Our focus was to establish the gardens with colourful, easy care, hardy plants.


SPRING:   The garden starts its kaleidoscope of colour with many different bulbs. The Clivias are flowering under the trees. The Daylilies start to put up their scapes. With many different varieties, the Daylilies flower from Spring, into Summer then to Autumn.                                         The Kniphofias have also started to flower.
Agapanthus: Pallidus, Electric Blue & Perpetual Peace start flowering in mid October. These varieties are smaller growing and very prolific bloomers, giving a 6+ month show.
The Roses are budding up. The Bearded Irises are parading their beauty.  Tradescantias are capturing the eye with their vivid colours. The pure white of the small growing double flowering Shasta Daisy enhances the colours of  all the flowering plants.
The Cannas are bursting forth to put on their flamboyant displays.

SUMMER:   The garden is in full bloom with all the Agapanthus, Cannas, Roses, mid to late flowering Daylilies, Calla Lilies and Shasta Daisies.
The Ornamental trees create the back-drop for all the garden beds.
The garden is a riot of tropical, exotic, flamboyant colour.

AUTUMN:   Re-blooming Daylilies  continue to flower. Belladonna lilies & Vallotas are peaking to flower. The Cannas are at their peak flowering time. Most of the Agapanthus have finished flowering, dead-heading is done to stop any seeds escaping.
The leaves on the ornamental trees start to turn & fall.

WINTER:   After the first frost, the scene changes dramatically. The Cannas are brought down from their glory, the buds of the Daylilies & Agapanthuses are snap frozen to halt anymore flowering. 
The ornamental trees are now bare.

Please check Events for information on our Sales Area Open Times and our Open Garden Dates.                                                                                Directions to  WOOD-EDEN will be found in Find Us.
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